UC Berkeley – Greater Good: Teens Who Help, Help Their Hearts

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Photo: UC Berkeley (Mark Hatfield)

The findings add an exciting new physical dimension to what scientists know about the many social and emotional benefits volunteering brings students, including: higher levels of positive emotions; a stronger ability to regulate their emotions

New York Times – Room for Debate: Can Voluntourism Make a Difference?


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Photo: NYT (Andr da Loba)


Many travelers from rich Western countries spend time volunteering around the world, butsome argue that this voluntourism ends up doing more harm than actually helping communities in need.
As students, retirees and others head abroad this summer in search of experiences volunteering, are they really looking to help others or just themselves?

New York Times – The Benefits of Volunteerism, if the Service is Real



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Photo: NYT (David Goldman)

In the most positive light, such service teaches children and teenagers to look beyond themselves and understand the role they can play in their community and country.

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