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Pooja Sadhwani
Student number
Graduating in
Group member 2
Saki Tsunoda, 150108, 2015
Group member 3
Nicole Lui, 150138, 2015
Group member 4
Age at start of project
16 - 18
Project Title
Simply Art
Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association
Time spent
>40 hours
Started for
Senior Project
Other location in Hong Kong
Brief reflection
Simply Art is a senior project working with HKDSA (Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association) HKDSA was established in 1986 to give support and services to people with Down Syndrome in Hong Kong. For our senior project, the three of us worked together to implement and start an Art Program at the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Center. Every Saturday, we held classes to a group of students ranging from 1 to 2 hours. By doing this, not only did we interact and have fun with them but we also hoped to improve their artistic skills in the long run and help them express and voice themselves through art. Through our constant lessons each Saturday, we were able to bring art into the lives of people at the center. When initially visiting their center in Wan Chai, we noticed that the center did not have any art classes. Being at HKIS, we have learned the importance of art and believe that it is a key element of the subject of Fine Arts as a whole. We feel that implementing this program in their center allowed them to realize the importance of art, and after completing the lessons, we have been speaking to the director of the center in order to find out if there could be a teacher at the center who could take over our position in running the classes.
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Children / Youth, Teaching / Education / Tutoring, People with disabilities
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