Detailed Submission Record

Volunteer Info

Austin Pelayo
Student number
Graduating in
Group member 2
Group member 3
Group member 4
Age at start of project
Under 11
Project Title
A helping hand (Soup Kitchen)
Soup Kitchen Mother Teresa Sisters (Home of Love)
Time spent
10-15 hours
Started for
Compassion Project (Middle School)
Other location in Hong Kong Island
Brief reflection
To help out at the soup kitchen and to make a difference in the community even if it is a small one. I will assist people and do small chores while also serving them. As I learned from the last one ( More people = Bigger Difference ) so I will try to bring as many friends as I can to get them into it. My objective for this activity was to help at the soup kitchen, by preparing and making meals, serving, and making friends with people who I do not know. I would like to continue to familiarise my self in working in the soup kitchen, I would also like to get to know the people a lot better. Overtime I go I feel more fluent in the activities that I do. If possible I would like to help faster and to do more chores, which I should be able to do from going the previous about of times.
Environment tags
People tags
Poverty, Hunger
Animals tags
Continued after assignment period
Only for a short period of time (<3 months)

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