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Charlotte Chui
Student number
Graduating in
Group member 2
Mei Chung, 160700, 2016
Group member 3
Group member 4
Age at start of project
16 - 18
Project Title
Maskerade: Stories of Resilience
(Awareness Campaign)
Time spent
>40 hours
Started for
Senior Project
Southern District (Repulse Bay, Tai Tam, etc.)
Brief reflection
Over the course of our senior year, Mei and I interviewed members of the HKIS community, gathering stories of resilience and then held an exhibition of these chosen interviews to share stories of challenges and resilience, raise awareness about those around us, and strive to create a more supportive and open community. Afterwards, we continued to work with counselors to bring the interview footage to Freshman Seminar classes and I also worked with Jeffrey to coordinate HKIS' first Mental Health Awareness Week. Mei and I had known we wanted to work together on a senior project for a while and were both passionate about creating a safer community for those at HKIS. As a result, although there were some roadblocks along the way, we were able to work efficiently and in an organized manner to create a, hopefully, sustainable project with a lasting influence at HKIS. The response we got after our exhibition and final project presentation was overwhelmingly positive and we hope that this marks a turning point for those who come after us to continue with this cause.
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Awareness campaign
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